Free audiobook production for your eBook. Earn additional income for your book with no risk and no work.

Are you looking for how to monetize your content? Or how to monetize your ebook?

You've already done the work and written and published. Now how can you get more out of it without having to produce more content?

Odovox offers free audiobook production for your ebook. We handle every aspect from start to finish. Once the audiobook is complete, it's put up for sale and you earn additional revenue.

Odovox Audiobook Service

  • Audio production: recording, editing, post processing
  • Up-front investment and risk
  • Hosting and bandwidth
  • Publishing platform
  • Payment processing
  • File delivery
  • Customer service
  • Tech support

Odovox allows you to stay focused on your core business, while we help you monetize the work you've already done. Earn extra revenue you wouldn't have otherwise.

Reach a new audience

Plenty of people find it easier to listen to audiobooks than to read. The success of Audible has demonstrated that. By offering your content in audio form, you'll get people engaged who don't have the time time read through the ebook. 

What people are saying?

"Podcasting is rapidly becoming an important part of blogging. Odovox turns your blog posts into podcasts that anyone can listen to -- no matter where they are. It adds another dimension to your blog, and Odovox makes it easy, creating professional-sounding podcasts. My experience with Odovox has been great."
Miranda Marquit (

We've also worked with life coach Melanie Cobb and top marketer Jeff Bullas.

The Service

The step-by-step process is simple and straightforward:

  1. Send a copy of your ebook to
  2. We'll determine if it's a good fit for audio form and come back with an estimate of how long the project will take and how long the finished audiobook will be
  3. Odovox begins the recording, editing, and post-production
  4. The produced audio is prepared into various audiobook formats such as iTunes Audiobooks, MP3, AAC, and more.
  5. If the ebook is offered for free, so will the audiobook. For paid ebooks, the audiobook will also be for sale at a set price. Odovox will determine the price for the audiobook.
  6. The audiobook is published online and available for purchase
  7. The ebook author is contacted and provided with links and codes to refer readers to the audiobook
  8. Users purchase the audiobook
  9. A monthly statement is provided to the author as well as a disbursement of funds

Odovox maintains the hosting and publishing for you. People can use the website to download the audiobook. It can be transparent though if you want to make it more seemless. That is, you can link directly to the audiobook download file (if it's a free download) from your own website, social media pages, and email campaigns.

If your ebook is free, we'll make the audibook available for free as well. If you charge your customers for your premium ebook, Odovox will also put it up for sale. The price is determined by Odovox.

Roughly 150WPM is used for the estimate of the audiobook length. Here's how you can determine how long the audiobook will be:
(ebook word count) * 150 = audiobook length, in minutes

Promoting your audiobook
The audiobook can be described as an audiobook version of the ebook and "produced in collaboration with" or some such co-branding statement. 
The audiobook will be listed on Links will be included to the author’s website and to the eBook. 
For the author, anywhere the ebook is listed, users should also see a link to the audiobook. This helps maximize exposure to the audiobook and gain a new wider audience of people who might not otherwise read the ebook.
For example, on the ebook’s listing you can add: "To download an audio version, go to”.

Include the link to Odovox in the confirmation email that people receive when they sign up for your email list to receive their free ebook.  You can advertise as, "sign up to receive both the e-book and the audio version", so people will know they'll have the option. 

Additional Terms

  • Incoming revenue is settled on a quarterly basis. The author receives 30% of gross revenue.
  • Copyright is retained by Odovox for the audio content. Original copyright for the source text remains with the author. 
  • Audiobook price is set by Odovox.